Thank you for your support

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the wonderful and loving comments and the personal emails I have been getting.  I love them and really appreciate it.  I see an oncologist tomorrow and apparently he has a plan for me.  I will update the blog in a few days!

In the mean time I am managing the pain which is just a real pain in the *** and just getting work done.

Many people have responded to my notes about death or the lack there of.  The biggest lie that has been forced on us over the years in my opinion!  It retards our ability to create our lives on our terms, creates doubt and removes hope.  Anyway, I thought I would post one of my “ghost” stories because it has been so meaningful to me and seriously proved my point. Check it out here

Love, jay


One thought on “Thank you for your support

  1. Hello Jay. I am in complete agreement with your outlook on life. I have learned a lot from animals, as you have. You are held in my thoughts while you work through your health troubles. I have always loved you – stay in that lovely place you know is right for you. If you need me, I will come. I believe you have all of the love and support right now – especially love thinking of you with the dogs. Still, you have done so much for so many, you have me, and many others I’m sure…..Be peace. Smile. Breath deeply, enjoy all!

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