Update: Jan 25th

Well, it looks like my treatment options are a bit limited.  There is a chemo treatment in pill form that the oncologist thinks is the best chance for helping to halt the growth of the cancer.  It is called Pazopanib.  This drug is supposed to reduce the blood supply to the tumors that will then starve out the cancer cells.  The only problem is that this drug can have a negative affect on heart function.

We found out that its risky to do any heart surgery/repair at this point especially because the cancer is present in the body so that means that I would have to take the chemo drug, knowing there is a risk to my heart, and hope for the best.  If I don’t go this route then we just let the cancer take over.  I am not ready to do that so I will take the risk and start the chemo medication next week.

My pain is getting worse and the doctors have upped my pain medication to include a low level of morphine.  That is helping a bit.

I am not sure where this will go or how it will turn out.  Mark or I will keep everyone informed and I remain inspired, though slower, with a good attitude.

I also managed to get to see Elizabeth’s school play on Thursday night, “How the Humans got Fire”.  It was really good.


8 thoughts on “Update: Jan 25th

  1. Dearest Jay
    Thank you for sharing this update, I know all of us will be thinking the same right now, just praying you are not in too much pain. Know that you are loved, lots of positive energy coming your way. It’s nice that you got to see Elizabeth’s play 🙂

    Lots of love and Hugs from Lindy xxx

  2. Thanks for the update…I was wondering how the oncologist appointment went. I was also wondering if you might do a favor, if you are inclined. I’ve been thinking so much about your perspective on death and also been contemplating what happens to those who commit atrocities in this life. Particularly now, as the dolphin slaughter continues in Japan. I’d love to hear your perspective on what happens to the people who do such things – murder dolphins with their bare hands, fight dogs, torture animals for their fur, etc., etc., not to mention all the crimes against humanity. I have to believe that there is some kind of justice, even simply in the form of their energy not “living on.” I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  3. Hello Jay,
    I got an email from the bird center a couple of days ago and it mentioned some health issues you were dealing with and contained a link to your blog so we could follow your story… When I opened it, I was devastated. And then I read your personal thoughts about what you were going through… and once again, as so many times before, I was inspired by you and your wonderful words of wisdom and honesty. I’ve known you for many years now- we survived the beginnings of the Cordelia center when it was just a mud pit with wooden cages, kiddie pools for the ducks… and raccoons everywhere! You always maintained your vision for a better place for the birds, and over the years, with hard work and determination, it came to be. You taught me that it’s not just about getting things done, it’s HOW you get them done. You taught me about diplomacy, keeping your head… while all the time keeping a sense of humor. You made everyone who worked at the center feel like they were included and appreciated. What a wonderful mentor and role model.
    Me and Carl Jr. and all the ducks, geese, chickens and other critters on the farm are believing the very best for you. We all love you– Stay strong!

    p.s. the wild asparagus will be back in March. I’ll come get you and we’ll go load up a couple of pillow cases!

  4. Dear Jay, I am glad you are going to plays and being with friends while you sort out your options and treatments. Please know I am thinking about you and cheering you on! Judy Kordich

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  5. Jay, I’m holding you in my thoughts and in my heart… The inspiration, humanity, humor, leadership, and love that you embody channels so much goodness in this world. You have always been one of those special people who has galvanized energy and hope in daunting situations, so now your many admirers and friends are doing the same — for you. Know that you are cherished, dearly, Jay.

    And: keep posting to this blog: your stories are wonderful!

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