my feet

I forgot to mention that those are my feet in the picture.  In 2004 I was able to go to Midway Atoll for the 3rd time and that time I was part of a albatross population senses team.  I was joined by Rebecca Dymytryk and Susan Kaveggia.  3 weeks in one of the most beautiful places on earth and at the end of the day we would occasionally sit on the beach, go swimming and lounge.  Here I am!


7 thoughts on “my feet

  1. Ahh, heaven! It is clear you know how to relax, Jay! Finding a peaceful place and state of mind is essential. God be with you as you face this new challenge.
    Diane/San Pedro volunteer

  2. Hi Jay, I am thinking of you and sending love and prayers your way. I am both so sad about your news and so inspired by your positive spirit. So great to read your account of seeing Don’s mom with the bell. I remember you telling me about this one time. I saw my Aunt the night she died, and hadn’t even gotten word of her death until the next morning. She was happy and moving on and came to say goodbye. I think that you are right this life is just one part of the journey.

    I have had so much fun working with you over the years. Doing good work and always having a good laugh about something, usually something hilarious that you said or did.

    I love the picture of your feet on the beach in Midway. Lots of love, Jeanne

  3. Oh those feet! Gotta love em! I was so envious of you for that trip! You have had some of the best times with the best people in the best places on this Earth! Always a pleasure to be a part of your journey, my best friend, even when you go to places I cannot follow.

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