Update: Home From the Hospital

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks again for all of your notes and postings.  I am really blessed to have so many friends and well-wishers out there.

For the last month I have had trouble breathing off and on, that the doctors have said is mostly caused from pain related to the growth of the cancer.  The pain would cause my chest area and my lungs to spasm uncontrollably and I would feel like I could not breath, this also  would make the pain increase.  I went to emergency twice for these symptoms but both times they passed with time and some pain medication.

On Thursday, January 30th, I had an “episode” that resulted with me having to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.  It was an extreme episode that went on for many minutes without let up until I was given IV pain medication.  I have been kind of quiet about it on the blog.  From that Thursday eve to Monday I have more or less been in a fog.  I had a lot of visitors but I also have a vision of me being in the middle of a bee hive and all I could see was bees buzzing around me.  This was very comforting for me. I have been on a lot of pain drugs and it made it hard for me to stay focused and even write updates.

I’ve been  home from the hospital since Wednesday afternoon.  We are managing my pain by staying on my Dr’s medical regime.  This is being accomplished with help from my friends and family who are providing  support 24/7  care.  I am feeling better but its too early to attribute anything to the chemo.  Since my heart remains vulnerable I am still following the rules in that area, l am laying  low and don’t over exert myself!  Basically, I have to remain a couch potato watching movies with Elizabeth, Kodi and Louis!!!  I can do that.

I will provide another update when there is something of significance to report.  Thanks for your love, support and patience.


19 thoughts on “Update: Home From the Hospital

  1. Jay, It makes me happy every time I see your sandy feet and the turquoise sea. Sending you warm wishes and hopes that your pain can be lessened and you will be comfortable surrounded by love of family and friends.

  2. Dear Jay..I pray your pain is well under control and you are basking in the warmth of all the love which surrounds you. How I wish I had joined IBR sooner! I’m visualizing the chemo kicking in and making you comfortable and well!

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing Brittany to our lives! Chicken love has been absolutely life-changing! My husband built her the coolest coop and run made of recycled redwood..but I must confess she has become a house chicken…with hours a day of supervised free-ranging outside. Initially, I thought she would be lonely without her chicken friends, but quite honestly, I think she likes being an only child! She is so sweet and gentle and gets lots of lap-time and petting every day..we actually fight over who gets to hold her!

    Anyway, thank you so much for bringing her into our lives, Jay. And I thank you for my life-changing work at IBR! I am so proud to be part of this amazing group of individuals which you and others have guided to world prominence.

    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    With love and deep gratitude,
    Martha 💓🐓💓🐓💓

  3. Jay, everything you “report” is of significance. Is it selfish of us to want you to stay here with us as long as possible? For my part, words can’t convey how much I wish for and hope that you’ll get better. I find it hard to believe a heart as stalwart and wonderful as yours could be vulnerable. But if that’s the case, then EMBRACE being a couch-potato. We treasure you. Love and light sent your way.

  4. Jay.. Thank you for sharing these personal updates and perspectives. We read each with love and admiration.. and thank you for expressions with such openness and strength. Your work and words continue to inspire us ….it is appreciated as you are.. every word matters.
    With Love

  5. Hey Master Jay, just wanted you to know your RSE family is loving and focusing on you. you probably already heard we auctioned off your last 7 pelican heart mugs at the last event. i bid on one since i had given mine to Judy, but was outbid! proceeds to go to ibr.
    So glad you have a Plan, you are in my heart and mind. see ya! love, joanne

  6. Thank you for sharing at this tough time. There are so many thoughts and so much love coming your way and so many people concerned about you. Sending huge healing hugs and couch potato wishes Karen

  7. Tons of Love is coming your way. I am asking God to keep you with us longer… much longer… and to remove the pain and cancer. It is selfish of me, I know, but I want healthy, happy Jay. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your life stories, your philosophies, and your battle. They are quite enlightening. Your strength is inspiring!

  8. Hey Jay… I do have to say that I am one of the many that are blessed for calling you a friend 🙂 I often wonder what I did right in order for our life paths to cross. I am soooooo thankful. You have changed the world and my outlook on it 🙂 By the way – I hope you are strong enough to be watching Idol. I am sending smiles. Much Love, Yoch

  9. Hey there friend. I’m sending lots of love and think of you every day. The banded towhees, mockingbirds and finches around the property are busy getting together with prospective mates. Lots of posturing, singing and showing off. I’ll try harder to get photos of them raising their young this year. They are beautiful reminders of how much I appreciate you and what a remarkable being you are.

  10. Hang in there Jay and keep fighting. You have so many people around you that love you and support you, including me. Draw strength from that and know that you will win this battle. You WILL win! Hugs

  11. Much love coming your way from over the pond! You sound like you are in very good, caring and loving hands with Mark, your family and friends and doctors. You are inspirational Jay.
    With love
    Sharon xx

  12. Hey beautiful man, Thank you for your blog – it is great to be able to read your thoughts and how you are feeling. Just to let you know that you are in my thoughts – you have been an inspiration to me over the years and I wish I could give you an ounce of the wisdom and knowledge that I have received from you. Wishing you lots of love and peace. Much love from across the ocean, Washboy, X

  13. You made quite the impression on me when we first met Jay and what you have posted on your blog emphasizes those special qualities I sensed in you. It has been an honor and privilege to know and work with you and I truly wish you the best.

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