Update: Feb 24th

Hi Everyone,

I am feeling better! I can breath better I have less pain and my body where the tumors are feels like it’s changing in a positive way. I noticed my breathing first started to improve three days after I started taking chemo. But I didn’t want to say anything because I was in disbelief that I could be experiencing such an immediate positive response.

The oncologist does not want to do a CT scan for two months after I first started taking the drug Votrient. That means the last week of March when I can find our how the drug is impacting my cancer. But I am feeling better and getting stronger every day.

Though I am breathing better I still use oxygen most of the time, I can walk around without too much pain most of the time and have for the most part learned how to stay ahead of the pain curve. That’s a challenge due to the changing nature of the situation which I think mostly has to do with the chemo doing its thing, eating away at the cancer. I am still on a daily regime of morphine and other drugs also that I can adjust as needed.

It feels like something is happening inside me and so far it feels right and the struggle seems to be getting easier. It will be a few more weeks until I get an official evaluation and tests from the doctor and when I do I will write about that as well.

My heart seems to be OK and functioning no worse than it has been so I’d say it’s a thumbs up also at this point. I have an appointment with a doctor that specializes in aortic valvuloplasty in April. So hopefully by that time I will qualify for the procedure and get some relief from my heart condition as well.

Healing Team – I am attaching pictures of my personal healing team. Louis (Boston Terrier), Kody (American Eskimo) and Elizabeth Russell (human). Their job is to just be and they do it well.


8 thoughts on “Update: Feb 24th

  1. hi jay bird, your team here in wa is doing what they do too. love you much and you are in my mind. stay BLUE! xxoo joanne

  2. Jay,
    I am so glad you are feeling better! Phew! Staying ahead of the pain is a real balancing act but so worth it. We are off to New Zealand soon.
    The blog is a great idea. Judy Kordich

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better Jay! When I first learned you were ill it saddened me greatly but I was so grateful to hear that Mark and Russ are there for you. Thank you for posting these updates and I can’t wait to read more good news. You’re in my daily thoughts.

  4. Hi Jay,
    I just dreamt about you and had to quickly check up…….reading this post has made my day! I am so glad things are getting easier, and that you are still so positive. So pleased that you have your ‘healing team’ too!

    Sending lots of love
    Sharon xx

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