Update: March 24th

I just wanted to update everyone as to what is going in with my healing and treatment.  I am improving slowly but steadily.  The treatment regimen was to take the chemotherapy drugs for about 2 months and then evaluate how well they are working.   I am almost at the end of my second month and should being having tests to evaluate the treatment in the next few weeks.

I am having many reactions to the chemotherapy drugs that are considered the side effects that go along with taking these drugs.  My symptoms range from nausea and vomiting to having so many canker sores in my mouth that it makes it difficult to swallow and eat. I am learning to manage the constant back pain that has come along with all this.  So, this has been challenging and I  just keep moving forward.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my right foot had some numbness in it and I could not lift my toes very much.  After a number of easy tests the doctor theorized that something was applying pressure to my spinal area causing weakness and foot numbness.  We then did an MRI of my back and it was determined that I have a pressure fracture of the #10 vertebrae in the middle of my back.  We think that the cancer has weakened the bone as it was one of the sites where they knew that the cancer was in or around the bone.

As you can imagine I am on various medications.  I am also using a marijuana extract called CBD, this is a non-hallucinogenic molecule that helps with pain and nausea.  Mark buys a tincture for me and I take one dropper full a few time a day so I don’t feel sick to my stomach.  Because there is virtually no THC in this product I feel pretty good and can concentrate better.

We are letting my back heal on its own and I am Just taking it easy.  I have lost about 60 pounds.  Im now at 171 pounds and my hair is turning white.  It’s not falling out. Its white underneath and my now 1//2″ roots are pure white.  I’m quite a sight!  So, my body is morphing with the treatment and its, well, interesting. But, something is happening and its positive so I am pleased about my progress.

I am going to get radiation treatment on my fractured bone site as they want to inviolate the cancer there. That process will happen this week.

Well, thats it for now.  I will report any significant news as it shows up.

Thank you all for your support, cards, phone calls, texts and love.  Jay


10 thoughts on “Update: March 24th

  1. You are so often in my thoughts Jay. I ran into many of your friends at NWRA in Tennessee. We talked about what an inspiration you are to us. Stay focused on your healing. I am focusing on it too and send you waves of love.
    Big hug and kiss on cheek,

  2. Keep up the slow but steady healing. I know it must be a little frustrating that things are moving slowly, but it’s your overal health that’s important to stay strong. We keep sending you healings. Big Big hugs.

  3. Thanks for the update, we wait and always hope for good news! Have had some experience with the marijuana rubs and they do seem to work, so that’s good that you’re trying new things. I had to laugh when you were talking about your hair coming in all white, it sounded like you were maturing into an adult pelican, haha. Hang in there kiddo, we all love you.

  4. Jay, you are my hero! How well you have handled all these challenges. I think of you daily and hope that days and nights will be getting better and better. Grey/white hair is very distinguished. Looking at your beach picture I have to say your feet are awesome 🙂
    You should see the hybrid drakes: mallard/runner ducks, look like very strange murres.

    Love and fishes,
    Linda Chene

  5. Hybrids and goose.



    >________________________________ > From: Jay Bird’s Blog >To: lchene@att.net >Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 7:26 PM >Subject: [New post] 71 > > > > WordPress.com >jayholusa posted: “Hello everyone, I just wanted to update everyone as to what is going in with my healing and treatment.  I am improving slowly but steadily.  The treatment regimen was to take the chemotherapy drugs for about 2 months and then evaluate how well they are” >

  6. You are so amazing and an inspiration for everybody… Dont loose your focus, your strength and your faith! Love and kisses, Yéssica

  7. Hi Handsome,

    It has been over 20 years seen you and I have talked. But for those 20 some odd years you have been in my thoughts and inspired me to speak for the animals.
    I just learned from Mike about this new chapter in your life.
    You probably wondering who I am? I am someone you helped pull out of the black hole of self pitty and gave her a purpose to live.

    I love you Jay!!!! Please know I am praying and sending you healing white light your way.

    Angie (from Marin Wildlife Center)

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