Update 4/9/14

Hi everyone,

Here is my latest update.   First, I think its fair to say that this experience has been the ultimate personal challenge.  Not just the obvious physical issues of healing the cancer out of my body but the ways in which it has challenged me spiritually, emotionally and in many other ways.  I hold firm to my MO that everything in life is an opportunity but even that knowingness is challenged when my body is just reacting and suffering.  But, I just keep on swimming as Dori the fish would say.

I have had a lot of scans done this last week.  CT and MRI to prepare for radiation treatment on my vertebrae.  This will make sure the cancer there does no more damage to my back.  Treatments should start next week TBA.  Another CT scan that was used to track the progress of my chest and abdomenal tumors.  This was interesting.  It showed that three of the tumors in my lungs have completely vanished!  I have been breathing much better so I knew something good was going on in my lungs.  The tumors on my kidney have also gotten smaller,  most of the tumors in my pleural cavity and on my bones have shown no remarkable changes and in general I am in less pain.  Mark has been working to reduce my pain meds as appropriate. The one on my liver has had a slight increase in size.  The bummer is that all the moving and prodding seems to have fractured ( slightly ) my rib.  There was some cancer there as well.  So this has caused a lot of discomfort.  So they recommend waiting until June to re-scan and determine if I should stay on the chemo drug Votrient.

I consider this a huge step in the right direction!  One step closer to having my condition go from terminal to manageable for the near future.  They gave me another drug for my naussea and this is helping a lot.  They wanted to put me on a bone denseifying drug but I have build up my calcium and magnesium levels first.  This drug may help prevent further damage to my bones from the cancer.

So, I move onto the next phase.  It really is living day by day or “in the moment”.  I am being forced to do that and I think I understand that concept more now that its really all I can do to evolve from this state I have been in.  

Until the next update, have a great spring and thank you to all of my friends who support and love me.  Back to you!

Love, Jay


11 thoughts on “Update 4/9/14

  1. Living in the moment, feeling all of the ups, downs and all arounds of what life means. We cheer and suffer with you. With love and healing energies flowing to you, each day brings us a new and improved Jay. Stay beautiful.

    I love you.

  2. Jay,
    All this sounds much better. And, your medical team sounds like they are looking at everything and have a plan to address your…challenges.
    Happy spring! I am so glad you are feeling better.
    Judy Kordich

  3. “healing the cancer out of your body’.. LOVE That.. glad to hear its going your way..
    ps.. Im in the old neck of the woods this week.. Novato/Marin…

    • I’m glad u r feeling better. Yes it is such a challenge, but out of this u become a better and stronger person! Have a great visit with the family on Saturday. Love u and happy spring to u.

  4. Dear Jay
    I have been thinking about you often and this latest shared news is a strong step in the right direction. Living in the moment is a life lesson for all of us. Keep your spirits up and know that there are so many people sending energy your way.

  5. “What Cancer Cannot Do”
    Cancer is so limited…
    It cannot cripple love
    It cannot shatter hope
    It cannot corrode faith
    It cannot destroy peace
    It cannot kill friendship
    It cannot suppress memories
    It cannot silence courage
    It cannot invade the soul
    It cannot steal eternal life
    It cannot conquer the spirit”
    -Author Unknown
    sending you many gentle hugs from sunny seattle….lori

  6. Jay,
    You have always been an amazing healer, in many different ways! Best wishes for health and strength as you continue through this journey and discover life lessons along the way. Most of all, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all, it’s often a reminder there’s a lot to be grateful for in an ordinary day.

  7. I’ve been thinking about you often, Jay, and continue to send healing love to you. I hope to see you again soon and have you and Noah meet! Lots of love, Mara

  8. Thought of you today – you have put together such a wonderful team down here in Los Angeles. Very cool to watch them in action. Hope you’re feeling ok today.

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