Update from Modesto: June 2nd

From Russ:

I visited Jay at his sister’s place in Modesto over the weekend with his god-daughter Elizabeth. Jay is settling in to his new home and enjoying playing cards and catching up with his two sisters and his 91-year-old mom.

He wanted you to know that he appreciates all the well-wishers via this blog and the many folks that have texted and called him. I think he’s a bit overwhelmed by the out-pouring of support and is going into a bit of hibernation, technology wise, this week. So please don’t be alarmed that he hasn’t answered the phone or returned your e-mail.

The doctors and nurses have adjusted his medication and he seems to be eating more. When it’s not too hot, Jay hangs out beside by the backyard pool. He still doesn’t have much energy but his sister has him on exercise regime to get him up and walk around the house.

Please do keep in your thoughts and prayers as Jay goes through this next stage of his journey.


11 thoughts on “Update from Modesto: June 2nd

  1. Thanks for the update, Russ. We all appreciate any updates, and I’m sure I speak for most, if not all of us, when I say that we support Jay in taking whatever time he needs to hibernate and focus on his wellness. We are all keeping him, and all of you, in our hearts and thoughts, and sending love every day.

  2. Thanks Russ, seeing this picture of Jay’s feet beside the sea always makes me happy. Sending love and prayers to you Jay.

  3. Thinking of you Jay and throwing lots of kisses. Sounds like your sister and your
    new abode are really good Karma’s. You are a very wonderful person and I am so
    glad I have know you for so many years.


  4. Thanks Russ Please send huge gentle hugs to Jay – think about him every day and special thanks to his ‘care’ team

    • I am so glad that you and Elizabeth made the visit. It sounds like he is having some peaceful time with his family around him. I send warm wishes,

  5. Jay- I wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you. I don’t know if you remember me but we worked at Marin Wildlife Center together & Bird Rescue, I was one of Leslie’s crazy “girls”.. Hope your enjoying this time with your family, take care.. Sending positive thoughts your way! Love Maureen Snyder

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