A Letter From Jay To Everyone

On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 Jay wrote this short letter and left it on his computer for someone to find. Entitled “To Everyone” the letter was written just after he moved into hospice care at sister’s place in Modesto.

Here’s what he said:

Hey everyone,

I think I will be going soon but only to the unseen. Keep talking to me. I’ll make myself known. I will give signs from the other side to prove I’m still here. Look for the signs and don’t pooh pooh them.

I just wanted to shine a spotlight on the animals to show their beauty & value. That has been my mission. Staff, keep up the good work and honor your role in this.

To my big family, blood related and not, I love you all and accept who you are. Enjoy life!

Its been great but the body is worn out.

Much love! Jay

Jay-Holcomb-Memorial-Event6-2I read this note to Jay as part of my remarks at Jay’s memorial in San Francisco this past weekend.

See more about the memorial: “A Fond Farewell to Jay Holcomb” http://blog.bird-rescue.org/index.php/2014/07/farewell-to-jay-holcomb/

Missing Jaybird everyday,



6 thoughts on “A Letter From Jay To Everyone

  1. I wish I had know when and where the Memorial was going to be. hmmm I wonder what signs to look for.. I will be keep a open mind to see..

  2. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jay but I sure “got” him. Reading all the things he has said in his blog and his last letter, totally understand where he was coming from. Wonderful, giant-hearted being! I am sorry to have never met him but sure we will meet each other on the other side, birds of a feather……..

  3. I’m sure that I think about jay far more than he ever thought about me, but it is true that our philosophies were similar – we just want to be with the animals, and so Jay was an example to me of what a life of passionate living looks like. I speak to jay regularly, telling him simple little things like, I’m just hanging here with the animals, still doing the work. Jays smiling face appears in my mind and I know he’s around. Thank you for keeping this blog alive. I am honored to have known jay my soul brother.

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